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Zaire Johnson receives free hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing

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"by " Elizabeth Lande



"I'm definitely going to be playing music..."

Zaire Johnson, Campaign for Better Hearing hearing aid recipient

See his fitting on WITN in Greenville, NC

Recently, HearingLife's hearing care provider, LeeAnn Howell of HearingLife in Washington, NC fitted 20-year old Zaire Johnson for new hearing aids. Howell was pleased to present Zaire with a free pair of Ultimate hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program.

When Zaire was only a baby, he contracted meningitis, which caused not only hearing loss, but also partial paralysis and blindness. He regained his sight and is no longer paralyzed, but he never fully regained his hearing.

Despite his hearing challenges, Zaire has worked incredibly hard, graduated Washington High School with a 3.6 GPA and played football and basketball. As a rising junior in college, schoolwork is now more difficult, and his hearing loss had been impacting his studies more than before.

Zaire was thrilled to be chosen to receive new hearing aids at no cost. As a full-time student, hearing aids will help Zaire understand his professors and classmates better. His Bluetooth® hearing aids will allow him to stream sound directly to his devices.

As a young person who has lived with profound hearing loss for most of his life, Zaire is looking forward to hearing music and understanding lyrics better. Angela Carrow, who nominated Zaire, says, "He is a very polite young man and hearing aids would change his life."

Addressing hearing loss can improve your quality of life

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