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Sunny Side Up Podcast Talks Hearing Loss

Reading Time: 5 minutes
"by " Elizabeth Lande

It's HearingLife's first appearance on a podcast! 

Recently, Chief Audiologist, Leslie Soiles, Au.D. and Senior Vice President, Tina Soika spoke with the Sunny Side Up podcast about hearing loss, addressing hearing loss and what it's like to have hearing aids in honor of National Protect Your Hearing Month.

Take a listen (talk about hearing begins about at the 10 minute mark).

Hot topics included:

  • Advice for people with hearing loss: Hearing loss progresses slowly, so people don't realize they are experiencing it, so look for the signs, like if you have to lean in to hear conversations in noisy environments.

  • Why do people wait to get treated  – Some people perceive there is a stigma and it sneaks up on you, until it is debilitating.

  • What happens when you go to a hearing center – It begins with a professional who is thoroughly trained to deal with hearing loss. They will speak with you, then do a hearing assessment.

  • What are the solutions available - which are personalized to the person's needs. The technology today is dramatically different than decades ago. Today's solutions are highly effective and extremely discreet.

Highlighting an audiologist's own experience with hearing loss

Both the podcast host Alan Clepper and Dr. Soiles have hearing loss and they shared their experiences. Hear Dr. Soiles' story and how treating her hearing loss improved her life.

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