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Leslie Soiles and Tina Soika on RVNTV

Reading Time: 5 minutes
"by " Elizabeth Lande

HearingLife is pleased to announce that our experts, Chief Audiologist, Leslie Soiles, Au.D. and Senior Vice President, Tina Soika, spoke with Corey Jones and Joe Asumendi this morning live on RVNTV.

Hot topics included:

  • Signs of hearing loss – such as having to lean in to hear better.

  • Impacts of hearing loss – like needing help hearing conversations over background noise at holiday gatherings.

  • Links between hearing loss and other issues – Dr. Soiles explained the links between hearing loss with cognitive issues, anxiety and depression.

  • Where to get help for hearing loss – starting here, at hearinglife.com.

Highlighting an audiologist's own experience with hearing loss

As part of the discussion, Dr. Soiles shared her own struggle with hearing loss and how treating her hearing loss improved her life. She's very excited to be part of the Campaign for Better Hearing's message to "Test your ears at 60 years."

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