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Kristina Kershaw receives free hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing

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"by " Elizabeth Lande



"I am very, very thankful."

Kristina Kershaw, Campaign for Better Hearing hearing aid recipient

Recently, HearingLife's hearing care provider, Jennifer Valdez of HearingLife Hearing Aid Center in Clovis, CA fitted 23-year old Kristina Kershaw for new hearing aids. Valdez  was pleased to present Kristina with a free pair of Ultimate hearing aids from the Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Program.

When Kristina was 13 years old, she had a life-changing diagnosis, spent more than 130 days in a hospital, and needed chemotherapy. One of the medications was ototoxic, and caused her to lose her hearing. As a teen, this meant that she was sometimes teased in school, and had a lot of trouble following conversations and teachers in school.

Kristina was grateful that Patient Care Coordinator, Reina Gomes nominated her for the Give Back Program. 

Kristina was thrilled to be chosen to receive new hearing aids at no cost. In addition to helping her in school, with her new hearing aids, Kershaw can hear mother's whisper and musical notes she never heard before. Currently, she is a full-time student at Clovis Community College. She aims to work in the medical field. In addition to her studies, she works as an aide, providing care to a senior citizen, and she has a job as a line cook. Eventually, she would like to be the head chef.

New technology will allow Kristina to hear her teachers and participate more in school, engage more with her friends and perform better in the workplace. For example, hearing loss had meant that she couldn't hear the timers in her workplace kitchen, and had to be told when food was done. What seems like a small thing, not hearing a timer, could have a big impact at work and home.

Her new hearing aids can connect to her digital devices, like her cell phone, so she can stream sound into her hearing aids. By being able to fit the best hearing aids for her lifestyle, the new devices will allow her to wirelessly enjoy music and videos.

Addressing hearing loss can improve your quality of life

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