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Hollywood Digest talks to HearingLife about hearing loss

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"by " Elizabeth Lande

Online magazine, The Hollywood Digest's Michelle Tompkins recently discussed hearing loss with HearingLife's experts, Chief Audiologist, Leslie Soiles, Au.D. and Senior Vice President, Tina Soika. Hear what they shared here:

Topics included:

  • Indicators of hearing loss – Trouble hearing in the presence of background noise.

  • Speaking with loved ones – Try a gentle approach, and explain that you have seen they have trouble hearing, and you want to help your loved one.

  • Effect of untreated hearing loss – Dementia, balance issues, depression, and anxiety are all linked to untreated hearing loss.

  • Preventing hearing loss – Pay attention around loud sounds, such as power equipment, snow and leaf blowers and some recreational activities such as motorcycles, snowmobiles and firearms.

  • Where to get help for hearing loss – starting here, at hearinglife.com or through the Campaign for Better Hearing.

Highlighting an audiologist's own experience with hearing loss

As part of the discussion, Dr. Soiles shared her own struggle with hearing loss and how treating her hearing loss improved her life. She's been wearing hearing aids for decades, and she's experienced the exceptional improvement in the technology. Today's hearing aids are life-changing both for herself and her clients.

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